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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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now at 6:00, hot and sticky weather returns for the last day of august. when we will see much-needed rain and how we are tracking a tropical storm to impact your labor day plans. breaking news overnight have traffic from logan airport diverted. what we just learned from state police about the vic of the ted williams tunnel. a man accused of stabbing another man with a golf club will be arraigned today. the witness describes the suspect's demeanor before he was arrested. his first foreign trip as a presidential candidate. donald trump making a surprise visit to mexico today. now the gop nominee is spending his day hours before his highly anticipated speech for immigration. complete new england news
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this is the fox25 morning news. and good morning, everybody on this wednesday morning. the last day of august. it is august 31. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. the heat and humidity returns today. meteorologist shiri spear is in the fox25 stormtracker weather center with a look at another summer sizzler to end the month of august. >> shiri: it is going to be warm. warm and humid without the bright sky. clouds increasing. i will keep rain to the north and west durin but even now the clouds are starting to creep in. a partly cloudy start to the day. love to see your sunrise pictures. 63 in boston. 64 in lawrence. 65 new bedford. 71 in chatham. that is a warm start to the day. to the bus stop kids. short sleeves. mid- to upper 80s even in boston. range of high from 84 to 90. rewarm and muggy. back to you, guys. we continue to follow breaking news east boston.
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hotel shuttle bus near the airport in the ted williams tunnel. traffic is being diverted in that area right now. fox25's michael henrich is live at the scene in east boston with the latest information from investigators. michael. >> reporter: there has just been movement as far as the cleanup effort as the investigation continues. the tow truck has just backed up right in front of that hotel shuttle bus that we have been following this morning here on 1 a north just past the ted wilam as we first reported about 15 minutes ago, massachusetts state police now saying that the two people killed in this crash that happened around 1:15 were a man and a woman who were on the shuttle bus coming from that hotel. they are from out of state, taking that hotel shuttle bus near logan airport here. the other car involved was a suburu sedan.
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to massachusetts general general hospital. we are waiting to find out why this crash happened. the traffic detours are extensive. julie grauert now in the studio with those for you. julie. >> julie: they have been in place all morning long. and as you mentioned, work hard to get the roads back open sometime before the morning commute. eastbound president ted williams tunnel is closed at exit 26 because of this crash. traffic diverted into logan bennington street. can also use the callahan tunnel. that road is closed in the ted williams tunnel just after exit 26. early accident on 24 near 139. i just reported that seven minutes ago. it has cleared and still seeing residual delays. live drive times. 24 minutes on 24 from 123 to 128. i expect that to drop now that the accident was heard clap 23 minutes on the pike eastbound. 26 minutes south. back to you.
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overnight house fire on myrick street. boston fire said the flames started on the second floor of the large home that have three apartment units inside. officials say at least 11 people have been displaced. the red cross has been called to the scene and right now it looks like no residents were hurt, but we do know that a fire fighter was taken away by an ambulance for a back injury. we are continuing to update you on any information as crews continue to watch out for hot spots. a teenager accused of stabbing another teenager in the neck with a broken charges. gruesome attack happened at a state park popular with families. fox25's catherine parrotta live at the breakheart reservation with what we know about the suspect and the swribing. catherine, good morning. >> as of last night, police were working to determine what charges the suspect will be facing. we heard back in the past half hour. the charges are assault with a dangerous weapon and assault with intent to murder.
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malden later on today. for many people in this area, they find this incident to be bizarre and shocking. the public is not in any danger however. police start red sponlding to breakheart reservation. after getting calling of a fight in progress. when they arrived they found a 18-year-old beverly man stabbed with a broken golf club shaft through the back. skyfox captured video as the victim was being wheeled into an ambulance on a gurney. taken to beth serious injuries and last night he was alive and stable. the suspect stole the car and crashed into a nearby intersection of water and main street near a grocery store. witnesses said he looked nervous >> the guy looked like he was trying to get away, and it looked like he blocked him in so he couldn't get out, and then there was a lot of people who were, like, talking to him and stuff. he looked very nervous and the police showed up. >> reporter: police identify that suspect as 18-year-old curtis day of beverly.
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fight. and police say they were speaking with that third man to get more information. police also telling me this morning that it is believed this victim will survive despite the fact that as you saw in the video, he was taken from the scene with serious injuries. coming up next half hour, we are hearing more from that witness describing the scene as that car crashed at that intersection in wakefield. live from wakefield, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. new this morning, investigators are reviewing all evidence stored at the braintree police department. some criminal cases. and prosecutors told the patriot ledger they were aware of the audit of the evidence room. defense attorneys in some cases have also been notified that the review is taking place. officials won't say why the audit was scheduled and they won't comment on any possible problems with evidence stored there. no word when the review will be finished. 6:07 today. donald trump set to give a major speech on his immigration policy but first heading to mexico for a
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the gop nominee making that surprise announcement on twitter. >> daniel: donald trump tweeting that he has a meeting with mexico's president. his meeting will be interesting given trump's continued pledge to build a wall on the border of mexico and make mexico pay for it. trump faces sharp criticism from hispanics with inflammatory rhetoric in recent meetings with hispanics, trump said he could be open to softening his hard-line approach. and last night during a campaign stop in washington state, he spoke directly to minority voters. >> they don't care about you. remember that. they don't care about you. they want your vote, and they don't care. they have used you for decades and decades and decades, and
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trump's surprise visit to mexico. the clinton campaign said from the first stage of his campaign, donald trump has painted mexicans as, quote, racists and criminals. the president of mexico has extended his invitation to meet hillary clinton as well. no word yet if she second. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. now the fbi says it will release its report on hillary clinton's private e-mail servers as soon as today. the report will be sent to the justice department in july. it recommended that clinton not be e-mail as secretary of state. james comey said that clinton was extremely careless with sensitive e-mail. numerous federal judges have called for the relieves those e-mails prior to the november election. no major upsets in several high-profile primary races. republican senator marco rubio won in his state of florida. senator said in his presidential race that he was prepared to become a private citizen but changed his mind saying he wasn't at peace
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senator john mccain won in as as beat a conservative 33 years junior. and in congress, in florida, debby waser-man-schultz schultz won in florida. she resigned as the head of the democratic national committee the night before the convention in philadelphia. the governor of maine is making conflicting statements about his political future after making racist comments. paul le may step down from his post but later in the day tweeted that reports of political demise have yet exaggerated. he blamed the state's drug problem on people from lawrence and lowell. an elite private school in massachusetts said it has discovered five new cases of sexual misconduct by former teachers. the head of phillips academy. the cases involve students and
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took place in the 19.0s and 1980s. mentioned three of the five former faculty members and the other two two have been banned from the campus. the school started the investigation in the spring after it received allegations of misconduct involving former students. we check traffic and weather together every ten minutes. good morning, everyone. want to remind you right now that lanes in the ted williams tunnel eastbound at exit 26 at route 1 a are still closed after a deadly overnight crash. live drive times in a moment. here is shiri. >> shiri: a slight risk of a shower north of boston here late today. most of the rain will fall in a scattered fashion tomorrow. we have a slight risk on friday. but an even bigger weather maker we are watching for a later date. the latest on tropical depression 9 coming up. 6:11. still coming your way on the fox25 morning news. a disruption for the first day of school at one local high school where a student is accused of making serious threats. the frightening picture he
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chris brown has posted
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chris brown to free on $250,000 bail this morning following an hours-long standoff with police. brown is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly pointing a gun at a woman who was visiting his home. >> reporter: r&b crooner chris brown exits his home ending an hours-long los angeles police department. officers responding to an unidentified woman's claim that brown threatened her with a gun. brown initially refused to come out when the officer arrived to investigate the 911 call. >> will give me better publicity. barricaded myself in my house. have you seen my house? i am going to barricade myself in a palace. i am not coming out. for what? i ain't did [bleep]
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[bleep] the police. black lives matter. >> reporter: the singer grew angry posting profanity-filled accounts on his instagram account. >> you got me -- good luck. when you get the warrant or whatever you need to do, you can walk right up in here and you will see nothing, you idiots. >> reporter: after abstaining a warrant. they entered his sprawling man hon. brown exited peacefully sitting on the front walkway with police. >> we can not comment on anything that has been found or anything that is recovered. transport to robbery homicide division where he is being arrested. the la times is reporting that police found a duffel bag full of evidence tossed from from the beginning of the standoff. brown is schedule to be arraigned on september 20. ten kayakers are recovering after being hit by a new york waterways ferry. the kayakers were in the hudson river when hit by the
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minor injuries. the instructor suffered a partially severed arm. >> his bone was exposed and losing a lot of blood and lapsing in and out of consciousness. >> gene: nypd confiscated the kayaks out of the water and the cause is being investigated. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. skyfox arrived on this over 395 south and mont 20 seconds ago it was in the center lane slowing things down. making improvement on this accident site. ted williams tunnel still closed at exit 26 as this crash investigation continues. traffic is being diverted into logan airplane on to a service road and then to bennington treat. a deadly accident that happened around 1:30 this morning. we are bringing you live reports on it from the scene all morning. accident on 24 northbound still seeing some residual
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live drive times. 23 minutes on 24 from 123 to 128. 25 minutes on the pike eastbound. 34 minutes on 9 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shir, we are well prepared for heat and humidity and won't be as bad today as it has been. >> we had temperatures as high as 98 this year in boston. it won't be as hot. 10 degrees warmer within that we had yesterday. turning a little sticky as well but not the worst had. scattered showers form for the day tonight and tomorrow. tropical depression number 9 for labor day impacts. a little too soon for specifics, but here you can see the storm out there in the gulf of mexico. it could even come close to hurricane strength before moving over florida tomorrow and into early friday. then it jets back out into the atlantic where we are concerned, it is kind of end of the track here. we are now across eastern massachusetts and rhode island, parts of connecticut in the cone here.
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this storm could go. we could feel some impact stretched out across this. this will be labor day impacts if this track verifies. it is about 50 miles away from nantucket. also the chance that this will go out to sea. like i said, a lot to still work out with that. a little too soon for specifics. i want it to be up on your own personal radar. tropical depression 8 pulling away from north carolina here. it is jetting out to sea. the only impacts are waves same this does mean the next consultant of days with the beaches. all the way into the weekend, high surf, dangerous rip currents. today you will find the clouds increase and winds from the southwest carrying the heat and humidity into play. slight risk of an evening commute shower. the best bet will be northern mass and southern new hampshire for that and overnight tonight, we will deal with spot showers as this front drops into the area. notice it is not a widespread rain. it is like a lot of the rain
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overnight as it is tracking toward us. i think probably have a little more than future cast is showing us by 7 a.m. by noontime, that front is settling across eastern massachusetts and slow to progress into southeastern mass. that means eastern mass. best chance for afternoon showers. downpours and thunderstorms. pretty scattered stuff and what we could get will be slow movers and that means we will have to watch out for high rain totals in a couple of towns and cities. highs today make it into tonight we will drop down to 70 degrees and tomorrow because of the lack of sunshine. it is not going to be muggy. highs in the upper 70s. the seven-day forecast always in view. partly cloudy friday. a slight risk of an afternoon pop-up. dry with middle 70s and the labor day storm system we are watching closely. back to you. 6:20 this morning. two local officers respond a call and end up in a fistfight with the suspect. how this beat down eventually
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get to his con is ert are in luck. the mbta has a special commuter rail train to the boss's concert on september 14. the train will depart south station been the concert and will leave gillette 30 minutes after the trip ends. a round-trip will cost $20. tickets at back bay station and north station. dunkin' donuts gave out 2.2 million cups of coffee after the patriots winning season last year and this season you can expect a change to that promotion. the company announced it will not be giving out free coffee. instead they will offer a gronk-inspired discount. anyone enrolled in -- d perks will pick up a hot or cold coffee for $.87 the day after the patriots win. >> gene: they win so much. that adds up. speaking of patriots, tom brady will begin its four-day
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hairstyle. bradyed a his news conference as soon as he walked up. the web the went nuts over his '90s inspired do. penal think he looked like matt damon's character from "good will hunting." others sader rick matthews from "boy meets world." >> julie: t gif my favorite. >> gene: and randy taylor from the sitcom i think those comparisons are apt. >> julie: when we shared those sound bites with tom. i thought he looked good. >> gene: are you on board with that do. >> julie: i am always on board with that. charming little smile. moving on. this couple made famous with their grandon. the pair are wearing maving
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square-dancing class they started wearing similar clothes. they were first noticed when their 17-year-old grandson tweeted a picture wearing the same outfits. his grandparents text him every morning to share their. they open their tweet good morning from your famous grandparents. how sweet. >> gene: tough shopping finding matching colors. women clothes have vibrant colors and hard to find clothes that match. seems to bdo >> julie: whatever they are doing is good for them hirz shurz i wonder if he fix out or he does. and ongoing issues at the coastline. i will show you how and could get worse by labor day next. and we continue to follow breaking news in east boston. two people riding in a hotel shuttle bus killed in an early morning crash.
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well, next at 6:30, we continue to follow breaking news outside of the ted williams tunnel this morning where state police have been investigating a deadly crash since 1:00 this morning. we have now learned that two people were killed in a hotel shuttle van. two other people in the van were hurt as were two people in the vehicle that it collided with. there are detours in that area right now. if you were headed to logan airport. please keep that in mind. julie will have the latest to than traffic situation c minutes. good morning, everyone, it is 6:30 on this wednesday morning. thank you so much for joining us. i am sara underwood. >> gene: i am gene lavanchy. meteorologist shiri spear in the storm tracker weather center keeping an eye on what is going on today in the last day of august. >> shiri: last day of august will feel like august too. the southwest winds pumping the warmth and humidity into place. wind at 9 miles an hour right now in boston. and calm elsewhere
6:31 am
leominster at 56. 56 in londonderry, new hampshire. boston at 68 degrees. 60 in reading and 62 in mansfield. we have upper 60s rolling for the cape and island even pops of 70s and see the clouds moving in. we have partly cloudy conditions. a little bit of sunshine. love it while you can, because clouds end up taking over. 83 degrees at noon. 86 degrees. still dry at 3 p.m., but cloudy here and 79 degrees by 7 p.m. inland towns and cities a couple of spots with enough breaks of sun could get up to 9. the coast in boston about 86 before and 80 on the cape today. for some kids going back to school. back-to-school forecast coming up. >> julie: is back now with live drive time traffic this morning and an accident update. >> julie: this accident has been with us all morning, shiri. police on scene. ted williams tunnel eastbound
6:32 am
being loaded and back to route 1 a. taking a look at the maps. this accident on 93 southbound near montva le ave is in the process of being cleared and we are seeing some residual early slowing around the cloverleaf and 93 south. new accident on the pike eastbound right before speen street in natick. live drive times. 31 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 25 minutes on the expressway. 43 minutes on 93 south. back to you. we are following breaking news in allston where 11 people have been forced out by flames after the large house caught fire. the building on myrick has three apartment units inside. fire fighters were looking for a cause and the fire started on the second floor. everyone who made it out safely, one fire fighter was taken away from an ambulance with a back injury. from groveland where
6:33 am
making threats from a high school. >> the 17-year-old posted a photo of himself on social media in what appears to be a gun in his waistband. jessica reyes is live outside the pantucket regional high school where students are returning from summer vacation. jess. >> this will be taking place at the high school just about an hour from now and because the students were arrested so late, a lot of students and a lot of parents were arrested for the very -- will learn about this for very first time when they get here very first day of cool. in groveland they arrested the 17-year-old student for making a threat against the high school on social media. police learned about it when another student went into the west newbury police department and said the suspect had posted that photo of himself on instagram referencing the first day of school. in that photo he had what looked like a gun tucked into his waistband. police did quickly figure out it was an air soft pistol. once officers went to his home
6:34 am
don't believe there was any serious threat to the community. even so, he was arrested and this morning he was charged with communicating a threat to a public school, and he is going to be in lawrence later on this morning. now the high school served merrimack, best newbury and groveland and a lot of students and parents will be learning about this once they show up for school this morning because the student was arrested late last night. once they get here, we will be talking with some of them and we will have anoer just about 15 minutes. it for now, live in west newbury. jessica reyes, fox25 news. a framingham man caught on video punching two officers who arrested him after a domestic violence report. check out the video from the suspect's kitchen, he fought with officers for several minutes. police say it appears he is a trained fighter. at one point, he told police they needed to learn martial arts. another officer arrived and
6:35 am
their officers. >> they are there to -- to prevent somebody from being assaulted and they put themselves in harms way to protect someone else. >> gene: arraigned on monday on two counts of strawberry on a police officer. he posted bail and is expected back in court september 15. a local woman calls for a ride from the livery car driver and ends up getting robbed. fox25's cameras were there as wilson brea was walked out of the district court. disability said she called brea on her personal cell and asked to use the bathroom and when robbed the victim. >> the defendant said sorry, i am going to have to take this. the victim said he grabbed her handbag and a bag of medicine. >> reporter: brea does work for uber with you not on duty at the time of the incident. this arrest comes as they
6:36 am
sharing laws in the wake of several recent arrests. with uber executives to talk about enhancing screening procedures for the drivers. two uber drivers were arrested in everett for sexual assault and lewd behavior. both men had previous arrests on their record that somehow uber missed. uber officials said they made background checks. >> at the end of the day if it continues to happen in our neighborhoods, they always find an excuse to blame it a a the new law regulating uber will not go into effect until november 2017. one senator plans to bring it up in january to see if it can be made stronger. a quincy family stranded after a ferry uni think it alley sank their boat is getting help to replace their 13-foot boston whaler. we told you how mike and kevin slade was forced to camp on wake island after the wake
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ound. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2. for stronger public schools. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. good morning, everyone.
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all morning and he just tweeted these pictures out in the last minute. the suburu involved in that double fatal crash with the hotel shuttle bus on route 1 a north. it was just towed away. the bus towed away as well. that leads me -- leaves me to believe that they are getting closer to reopening the eastbound lanes near exit 26 in the ted williams tunnel. otherwise look at your live drive times. 47 minutes from 93 south from andover down to the leverett connector. here is back-to-school forecast. >> shiri: in boston where kids are not quite back to school yet. partly cloudy skies and 7 a.m., it will bring us about 65 degrees. upper 60s by 8 a.m., 9 a.m., 73 degrees. and kids going back in acton and boxborough. 66 at 7 a.m. climb into the lower 70s by 9 a.m. researchers from come up with a special type of contact
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where their eyes are already - on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. 6:44 this wednesday morning. if you were just joining us and we are getting up to the minute on all of our top stories. >> sara: catherine parrotta is live in wakefield on a gruesome stabbing at a local park. jessica reyes has developing news on a threat made at a local high school. but first fox25's michael henrich is live in east boston this morning where traffic to
6:45 am
a deadly crash near the ted williams tunnel. >> reporter: actually just within the past minute we saw cars 1 a north that have been closed off in the tunnel at exit 26, but from a traffic standpoint, things appear to be cleaning up here and clearing up here. from a crash standpoint, a lot of tragedies here. two people lost their lives according to massachusetts state police, and as i talk here, i want to you see some of these images away. this happened just within the past ten minutes. a suburu legacy driven by a swampscott man and a hotel shuttle bus on which the man and woman was traveling. that is, again, according to massachusetts state police. a lot of new details we have been sifting through here as we continue to work on learning the cause of this crash, and we will have the latest for you in another report coming up in about 15 minutes. for now, though, live in east boston, michael henrich, fox25
6:46 am
live in wakefield where police says there no threat to the public after they say a man was stabbed with a broken golf club at a popular recreational spot. the suspect is expected to be be arraigned in malden. police officers responded to breakheart, the wakefield end of it after they started getting calls a of fight in progress. they town a 18-year-old beverly man stabbed with aen golf club. the victim was being wheed into an ambulance taken to beth israel on a gurney and is expected to survive. the suspect took a car and crashed into a nearby exit on water and main treat. police identified that suspect as 18-year-old curtis day of beverly and he and the victim knew each other and was with a third man who witnessed that fight. coming up in 13 minutes, you will hear from a witness and what she saw as the suspect crashed his car at that intersection. live in wakefield, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news.
6:47 am
where a high school student under arrest for making threats of the first day of school in ocean media. police arrested a 17-year-old boy at his home, and he is charge with communicating a threat to a public school that all involvesle pentucket regional high school with students from groveland and merrimack. another student went into the weston newbury police department and said that the suspect had posted a threat and a instagram with what looked like a gun tucked into his waistband. police quickly say it was an air loft pistol and they do not believe there was any -- air soft pistol and they do not believe there was any threat to the community here. school starts in less than an hour's time and we do plan to get talking to students and parents once we get going and we will have another live report in just about 45 minutes. live in west newbury, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news.
6:48 am
on fox25 morning news. check in with shiri spear. talking about the last day of august. how did we get here so fast? >> sara: so fast. i can't believe that kids are going to school dodds. >> shiri: i know. your little has today. my little girl tomorrow. it makes you feel little sad as a parent. a little sad but happy also to get back to the routine. southwest wind carrying warm, muggy air. the last day of will feel like summer. we have clouds moving in and not hot and humid with this sunshine. it is going to be hot and humid with partly to mostly cloudy skies. that makes a big difference. that cloud cover will actually help i am hoping to make things a little more comfortable and the classrooms. 72 in boston by 8 a.m. 69 in lawrence. 70 in norwood. caters right around that 70-degree mark. a lot of clouds involved in future cast. noontime carrying us into the
6:49 am
out there mid- to upper 80s. by 5 p.m., we are going down by one or two degrees and the clouds are really dominant out there. so we have clouds just getting thicker and thicker as we go. once we hit the overnight hours, we are going to be on the lookout for just a few of those showers, and i am thinking by this evening, we will have a lonely shower out there. but best bet of rain is 10:30 tonight. the rain totals start filing up into the day tomorrow. southeastern massachusetts the tomorrow. this afternoon 87 in boston and ipswich, 85 in plymouth. 81 in worcester. 87 fitchburg up to manchester, new hampshire. lower 80s for the cape. for tomorrow, i have temperatures fuller -- cooler. just as muggy but cooler. upper 70s. when you wake up. we have a widespread threat for showers. likely will amount for showers
6:50 am
massachusetts, the focus of afternoon storms will go from eastern mass early afternoon to late afternoon sitting over southeastern massachusetts with downpours and thunderstorms. we are going to have to watch out for a couple of pockets of heavier rain. the higher rain totals. we have tropical depression number 9 that we are keeping a close eye on in the gulf of mexico. we have warm waters. we have light winds, and that is very conducive whole thing giving strength. once it gains landfall. strong winds arriving tonight and we will have a tropical storm warning for parts of the florida coast. we have hurricane watch up, but for us, we have no watches or warnings. we are simply watching in into your labor day. notice we are in the cone for monday. that is a long ways away. so friday, clearing out, 75. mid-70s over the weekend but partly sunny.
6:51 am
are watching possible impacts from td 9. over no julie for live drip time traffic. >> julie: shiri, good morning. another accident on 93. 93 north at daskim road. we have the ambulance getting ready to pull away. it is right there on the far edge of your screen. the tow truck pulled away three or four minutes ago, and i thought -- oh, i thought i saw that ambulance pulling away and in the process clearing southbound traffic slow down as people tap the brakes to see what was going on. i wanted tre michael henrick. route 1 a has reopened after that deadly crash that killed two people. we don't have any lane closures. waiting for the accident to clear on the pike eastbound. route 30 subpoena feet this natick. 44 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 25 minutes on the expressway. that is very typical. almost 50 minutes on 93 south from andover down to the leverett connector. back to you. major development in this morning in the war against
6:52 am
killed in northern syria. he was near the top of america's so-calmed kill list. isis claims he killed while surveying military campaign in aleppo but did not say how he died. he served as the key operational commander and spokesman. >> he is like one of those, you know, executive vps who actually gets his hands dirty and a troubled shooter and does stuff that actually affected the reality on the latest in a string of defeats for the extremist group in that region. the center of disease control have been working hard to combat the zika virus now the cdc says they are almost out of money. the attempts to fund the battle against zika has been voted down. congress comes back from summer break on tuesday and is expected to take action. florida confirmed three more home-grown cases of the zika virus. a rhode island family
6:53 am
their child's hospital room. kelly smith and her husband kenneth olstrum spent most of the past 15 months and their son has leukemia. with medical bills piling up, they held a fundraiser over the weekend and raised $3,000. over the weekend, someone came into their son's room and stole $2,000 in cash that the couple raised as well as kenneth's wedding ring. >> i was not even 10 feet away from them when they took the money out of my pocket. how can somebody do that? i don't understand. >> sara: there is some good thus here. their son is expected to receive a bone marrow transplant from boston children's hospital in just the next few weeks. a fire chief was in the right place when he had a heart attack. he was training his fire fighters when he went into cardiac arrest and they put his training to work and saved his life. fox25's daniel miller joins us now with this amazing rescue. >> daniel: it is, gene. the fire chief had no issue of
6:54 am
prior to passing out. he was set to retire after 37 years on the job. >> great for camaraderie. >> reporter: this time it wasn't the physical ability test that brought the guys of the middleton fire department together. chief frank twist himself after the workout while he and his men began training on a new phone system in the building. >> we started the training, and i was sitting there and i didn't feel that well. >> i said chief, are you okay, chief, and he didn't respond so the guys immediately put him on the floor and he was in cardiac arrest. >> when there is patient, do you what you are trained to do. >> reporter: at the middleton firehouse, the use of cpr and an aed. both used on chief twist by the fire fighters to regain a heartbeat long enough to get him to beverly hospital where he was treated for three major blockages. >> i was lucky i was in the best place to get my initial care, and i ended up at the best place to get my ongoing
6:55 am
>> reporter: that is the business of a first responder. but even the chief knows it is different when the life they are saving is personal. >> i know it was hard for them. like, i grew up with a lot of these guys. when it is one of your own, it makes it more difficult. when you know the person and you were just talking to them minutes before they collapsed. it certainly changes the dynamic a little bit. you have extra pressure. >> to have them do what they did, you know, really no words to explain that. they give me a second chance. >> daniel: so he can continue on with police plans for today. >> i was expected to retire tomorrow. >> daniel: talk about timing. this gives him focus in retirement and he has a renewed training. >> if you know cpr you can save someone's life and i am talking to you now as a prime example. >> the middleton fire chief for ten years and he is supposed to have retirement
6:56 am
discharged from the hospital tomorrow, and we hope so. >> i just love to see his smile in the hospital room. he must be feeling so great. and those guys were so good. >> gene: putting their training into use. >> sara: a local fisherman gets into some trouble off the coast of the cape. coming up at 7:00, the story thinld dramatic coast guard rescue. and just a crazy scene at this connecticut gas station when a fire breaks out a how a quick thinking mom was able to pull her children from that burning car. crews have made progress cleaning out a deadly accident. route 1 a has reopened and we are still saying heavy traffic delays as you head into the ted williams tunnel eastbound. shiri? >> shiri: only a slight chance of a shower later on. the best bet for showers on your thursday and also the best bet for showers on your thursday and also watching something for labor golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon.
6:57 am
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two people dead on hotel shuttle bus. look at scene now that police have cleared the vehicles involved. >> many wakefield residents shocked after police say man was stabbed with broken golf club at popular recreational spot. what we know about the suspect and victim and why the victim isn't in any danger. >> after a day long standoff with police and gun charges,
7:00 am
the evidence recovered outside the home after brown's arrest. >> this is fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody, thank you for being with us on wednesday morning, august 31st. hope your morning off to a great start, i'm gene lavanchy. >> i'm sara underwood. we have reached the end of the month and august isn't giving up. a hot, muggy forecast that may have you >> there's a sunshine hot and humid difference with cloudy hot and humid. hour-by-hour forecast in boston, 9:00 a.m. sliding to 76 crease, 11:00 a.m. 81, mid and upper 80s this afternoon but there will be a lot of on and off clouds. going to go with more clouds than any kind of sunshine. in fact, partly to mostly cloudy, range 84 to with enough breaks of sun, could get couple


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